Top 1 Sec 2 Express Applies for School Transferring

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Top 1 Sec 2 Express Applies for School Transferring

Postby fairyland728 » Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:45 pm

My child is top 1 student in a government school, he wants to transfer to a more competent enviroment.

In just less than 9 months in Singapore, he was able to adapt and perform well.
He came in first in class and second in standard in his secondary 1 cohort.
He scored high distinction in International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, his score was in the top 1 percent of Secondary 1 participants in Singapore.

He is capable of greater potential should he be placed under a more conducive and competitive environment.

His conduct and merits are well documented by his teachers and principal in his school report book.

As his parent, I really hope anyone of you can help us to fulfill our wish.

My direct contact number is 6874-9345 and 8322-5216.

Thank you so much!

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