Sec 1 & 2 : History & Geog not examinable anymore

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Sec 1 & 2 : History & Geog not examinable anymore

Postby verykiasu2010 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:15 pm





完整报道,请翻阅08.02.2012《新明日报》。 ... 10484.html
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Re: Sec 1 & 2 : History & Geog not examinable anymore

Postby zeemimi » Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:19 pm

No humanities exams for some lower secondary school students

By Stacey Chia
The Ministry of Education (MOE) is starting a new syllabus for humanities subjects, one that will do away with the mid-term and year-end examinations at the lower secondary level.

Instead, students will have to do well in a variety of continual assessments and student investigations of various historical and geographical case studies, to prove that they are competent in the two subjects.

MOE said that these changes come as part of a review of the lower secondary geography and history syllabuses, to ensure that they are updated and relevant.

It is also part of the MOE's Teach Less, Learn More approach, which encourages teachers to engage students and prepare them for life, rather than just exams. ... 64750.html

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