Transfer of school

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Transfer of school

Postby leesf » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:30 pm


Does anyone has experience in transferring your child at end of Sec 2? My child's school is a notorious school. He befriended this group of students from upper secondary who are 'famous' smoking and fighting. Though he knows he is not supposed to do such things with them, somehow, its just diffucult to make him to break off with them totally. They even invite him to join their gang. Though the school is aware of these students, they are not doing much to them. In fact, I find the school is too lenient to these students.

As his results is just average, its unlikely for him to be transferred to a better school. Is it common that most neighbourhood schools do have such students? My concern is what if the school he is transferred to has worse students than his present school. To be frank, one thing good about his school is his teachers are very understanding and caring and this is something which I like about the school.

So I have to decide after the year end exam as it will be too late to transfer him next year.

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