Need POA papers(2011-2010) for last minute self revisions?

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Need POA papers(2011-2010) for last minute self revisions?

Postby prettycure » Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:24 am

Hi parents and students taking POA on 5 NOV 2012
Did not achieve good results for prelim and not 100% prepared for POA O level 2012? Not enough resources to work on?

Do not fret and panic.Help is here!

Buy some past years exam papers 2011 and 2010 with worked solutions and walked through them on your own, even you do not have the luxury of a private tutor.

Gain insights of exam format, concepts application , marking schemes, calculations and model answers.

Be super well prepared or lose out to others during the papers.It is not too late to learn the tricks to score.

POA papers.(70921/1/2), mostly with answers except Regent Sec, are available

1) Christchurch Secondary Sch paper 1 ( prelim2011)

2 WestSpring Sec Prelim Paper 1 ( Prelim 2011)

3,4)Regent Secondary School Paper 1 ( Mid Year and prelim 2011)

5,6) Junyuan Secondary School Midyear Paper 1 and 2 (2011)

7,8) Henderson Secondary School paper 1 and 2 (prelim 2011)

9) Outram secondary paper 1 (prelim 2011)

10) Pei Hua Secondary Paper 2 (prelim 2011)

11) Bartley secondary school ( prelim 2011)

12) masjuri Secondary School (prelim 2011)

13,14) ZhongHua Secondary School paper 1 (prelim 1 and prelim 2 2010)

15) Chongboon secondary School paper 1 (prelim exam 2010)

16) Jurongville Secondary Secondary (Prelim 2010)

Sms 97150266 asap and meetup at CCK or nearby MRTfor collection.

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