The Faithful & Grateful Sons of Victoria

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The Faithful & Grateful Sons of Victoria

Postby happymum8 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:26 pm

Article by Sanjay:

Good day Sirs, Ma’ams & fellow Sons of Victoria :)

Victorians, we must RISE & UNITE.

Please be patient and read through. :)

It is with deep regret that I am informing you of the recent confirmation that Victoria JC has concrete plans to establish a “6 Year Programme” on their own - disregarding Mother Victoria School. This move has the potential of ‘hurting' and 'bleeding’ VS. I am sure you are aware of this.

As true blue Victorians, it must definitely be saddening to hear about this unbelievable probability. This would be detrimental to VJC's partner in all-round education, Victoria School.

25 years ago, VJC was set up in the interests of Victoria School boys to cater a holistic and continuous JC education. VJC was established for the continuity of the VS Family. However, 25 years later, the same institution, VJC, is disregarding the origin of VJC by splitting apart and establishing their “6 Year Programme”. Ironically, VJC has always promised a United Victorian Family.

Over the years, it is very clear that VJC looks down on VS.

What’s wrong with our all-rounded, holistic education that has thrived in the last 133 years? Why does VJC have such little faith in VS? Why take the easy route or 'better safe than sorry' route?

VJC only wants top PSLE boys and girls. They feel that taking in VS boys involves some risks for them. But isn’t that a challenge? VS boys, if inspired by this show of faith, will rise to the occasion. Victoria School has always been producing many bright and all-rounded students every single year without fail.

You may be wondering how VS will be affected by this.

Most importantly, the quality of VS will essentially drop. Many primary school students and their parents will certainly opt for a school in the East that offers a “Through-Train Programme”. Such an act would simply starve Victoria school of a certain calibre of male students. This will be the ultimate betrayal of Sister on Brother.

Secondly, VJC is neglecting the interests of VS students. It is known to everybody that VJC was established to provide further education to VS boys. If this happens, VJC transforms itself from a sister school, into one that is in direct competition to VS. VS boys will be deprived of an affiliation to VJC. This will be hurting to many VS boys who dream of pursing their JC education in the Victorian Path.

Lastly, VJC is being ungrateful to VS. For all the excellence VS has offered, is this how VJC repays us back? It makes no sense to share the same name, motto, song and logo with an institution that is set to provide direction competition to Victoria School.

Right now, we have to stand united and make our voices heard. Join us in our common cause and belief, as many generations of VS unite as ONE Victoria! :)

Sons of Victoria, let the true Victorian Spirit ROAR!

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Postby happymum8 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:36 pm

Someone put in an alternative to VJC's IP proposal. You may have other alternatives too. Perhaps we can discuss it here.

Proposed Victoria Model
(Common VS-VJC 6 Year IP)

Victoria Boys: VS
Year 1 – 4

Victoria Girls: VJC (Sec)
Year 1 – 4

Victoria Boys and Girls: VJC (JC)
Year 5 – 6

VJC and VS offer a common VS-VJC VIP


The Victoria Model is actually the flip side of the Raffles Model.

Victoria Model
Girls – 6 years in VJC
Boys – 4 years in VS and 2 years in VJC

Raffles Model
Boys – 6 Years in RI
Girls – 4 Years in RGS and 2 Years in RI

No need for change of name. No need for co-ed at VS.

The girls are in RGS in the Raffles Model whereas the girls are in VJC in the Victoria Model.

The boys are still in the all-boy schools, VS in the Victoria Model and RI in the Raffles Model.


SEC 1 Intake
VS recruit boys for Sec 1
VS remains all boy secondary school. This will make you guys happy.
VS boys are part of common VS-VJC VIP

VJC recruit girls from Sec 1
This will also appeal to parents of top girls who do not want to send their girls to co-ed secondary schools.
VJC will have a secondary division and a JC division.
VJC secondary division is an all girl secondary school
VJC JC division is a co-ed school.

Supplementary SEC 3 Intake
VS takes in Sec 3 boys
VJC takes in Sec 3 girls
Students from other schools and foreign scholars have a chance to apply to VS and VJC.

Suplementary JC 1 Intake
Students from other secondary schools have a chance to enrol after “O” levels to VJC.

I think this is a win-win for VS and VJC and will make
Victoria Reunited.

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Postby MdmKS » Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:50 pm

The two can combine and function like what ACS (I) is doing have a choice of non-IP track and this is the usual boys school, while the IP-track will take in better result students (including girls if they don't mind :wink: )

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Postby kaydenbrown » Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:51 am

Oh well...this kind of thing happens all the time..even in the UK... we have to move forward and not dwell too much in the past.....

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