Sec 2 Streaming Subject Combination? Help anyone?

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Which subject combination should I take (excluding the compulsory subjects stated above)?

1)Triple Science + Elect Hist + Full Geog
2)Chem & Bio + Elect Hist + Full Geog
3)Chem & Phy + Elect Geog
4)Chem & Bio + Elect Lit + Full Geog
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Sec 2 Streaming Subject Combination? Help anyone?

Postby venessakeys » Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:49 pm

Hi everyone!

I am in a dilemma because I can't decide on the subject combination I want.
And before I received my results, I thought this subjection combination would be okay, aka triple science, ss + elective history, full geography, and with compulsory English, A+E Math, Higher Chinese.

After receiving my results and asking around, I'm really not sure whether I should take triple science or not since I heard that it is very difficult to cope as my choices are all so content heavy.

Another thing is that I am really a "sciency" and "mathy" person, but I don't really do well in my physics (sadly). If I were to not take triple science, is it better to do physics or biology since chemistry is compulsory? Because I heard that physics is better for my future because there's a lot of jobs I can do with physics, but I do well in biology?

For humanities, should I take literature? I hate and suck at my languages though, but I am thinking should I take literature since all my subjects are content heavy?

Do you guys think my subject combination choice is crazy?
I want to take triple science because it offers my more choices in jc but I'm afraid it's too crazy and too stressful.
Is triple science with full geography really crazy?
help help i am going crazy omg.

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Re: Sec 2 Streaming Subject Combination? Help anyone?

Postby zbear » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:50 am

Are you planning to take 9 subjects - 3S/2H? Generally all schools will not encourage students to take 9 subjects unless you are super good.

With rgds to either taking Physics or Bio, it will depend on yr interest n how strong you r in the subject. It doesn't matter whether Physics is better for your future. There are a lot of options available when you go further. My dd doesn't like Physics so die die she wont take the subj n she is doing well.

Likewise for your humanities selection, you have to see whether your interest lies in Geography or Literature. How did you fare in both subjects this year? I heard its very difficult to score in both subjects so pls think carefully.

You should know yr strengths n weaknesses. How confident r u in these subjects? What abt doing Elect Geog/Pure Lit with Bio/Chem or Elect Lit/Pure Geog with Bio/Chem?

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Re: Sec 2 Streaming Subject Combination? Help anyone?

Postby PhysicsTeacher » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:27 pm

This is an important question when you turn Sec 2.

I have posted in this forum statistically inferred that Physics is the easiest to score and pass. ... 9#p1624199

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