Recommended O level Maths Assessment books

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Recommended O level Maths Assessment books

Postby gjooheng » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:20 pm

This is what I recommend for O level Amaths and Emaths assessment book ... ent-books/

I used the Amaths assessment book to teach a Sec 3 girl, with no Amaths background, to pass her sec 3 end of year exam in 3.5 months, so her school allow her to take Amaths at O level. Within a short span of 3.5 months, the student had obtained 64 marks (high B4), better than her cohort average of 60. This is an outstanding achievement, considering that the student, who was deemed by her school as incapable of doing A Math, had outperformed her peers and mastered the entire year syllabus in 3.5 months.

In 3.5 months, she learnt the entire sec 3 Amaths syllabus. In another 3 months weekly tuition, she finished the entire O level syallbus :smile:

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