IP School Year 4 EOY Graduation tour

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IP School Year 4 EOY Graduation tour

Postby James Ang » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:11 pm

I heard that for some IP schools, as part of the program experience, the entire school's students (yes, all graduating Year 4 students) get a chance to go to a country like UK to tour/travel after Year 4 EOY exams.

Compared to O levels schools' program which ends with O levels exams, the IP school's graduation experience is very positive, with graduation ceremony with cert and teddy bear grad, a graduation tour to travel to either UK/US/elsewhere.

It is no wonder many good students aspire to go for IP schools partly for the eye opening experience, on top of the excellent education program in IP schools. But the graduation tour is on self-expense, maybe students can use partially Edusave and some subsidies, but still the overall experience is very positive for all the students and open their eyes to the wide world out there, not to forget the networking and bonding which will help them foster close friendship and boost future working relationship. :D

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