Secondary School CCA

PSLE marks the graduation of Primary school students and their entry into Secondary schools as teenagers. Discuss all issues about Secondary schooling here.
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Re: Secondary School CCA

Post by Mama_ambitious » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:54 pm

Hi, Thanks for all the inputs and thoughts. Much appreciated. Yes agree kids to be more involved n stay back in school than waste time or get bored at home!

I have to take 2 CcA too like Esteema; And my boy is Ok to do so. Its just that my boy had mild anaemia. So a bit concerned :) and trying to make sure we dont over stretch him.

Will be happy to see him build his stamina over time and be a macho too! My hubby was in NCDCC also in army due to this anaemic condition that runs in family... They downgraded him after he was hospitalised.

So he recommended the same for his son.

Cheers! and thanks to this great support group!

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Re: Secondary School CCA

Post by phtthp » Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:36 pm

what's the rationale behind, why some Sec schools imposed students take 2 Cca instead of just one ?

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Re: Secondary School CCA

Post by Estéema » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:22 am

I’m also anaemic too since young. In my DNA too.

In pri sch, I was in brass band. In sec, I ended up in brass band too & heavier matching & lots of daily marching under hot sun & rain as my sec sch was amongst top 3 every year (so hv to keep ourselves in good practice & not slack). We’ve very grueling training. But guess every child is different.

Not many schools do 2 CCAs & the policy to enforce 2 is solely decision ofsch & Principal’s prerogative for many years. Every batch of students passing thro it’s gates hv done well to retain amongst top spot for high %tage of students achieving past 40 points in IB exams in Asia and many getting full 45 points.

IMO, youths shld maintain good active live to stay healthy & vibrant. Sunshine!

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