2015 E Math 4016 Paper 2

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2015 E Math 4016 Paper 2

Postby PhysicsTeacher » Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:33 pm

This year’s E Math 4016 paper 2 is among the easiest papers. Except half of question Q8(b), all the other questions have the forms and types of past years questions. Not only that, the difficulty level is also not high. Some questions are easily predicted. As expected, after absent for about 4 years, 2D vector came out problems related to area ratios; and this is also simple if compared to for example 2005 Paper 2 vector question. Finding roots with perfect square method also appeared as expected as this had been absent for some years. The volume, solid question is almost the replica of 2008’s. For Q8(b), which constitute 6 marks, is the only question with completely new form. It is about number patterns arranged in square pattern. Weaker students might be taken aback. The questions needed to be carefully read. If you have understood the questions, the answer is also straight forward with some algebra manipulation. In other words, if you have done the past year questions several times, you should score A for this year’s paper (of course the standard bar will be raised.)

I was told Paper 1 is more difficult. It has unsually more algebra questions, Students who are fond of pushing calculator buttons in order to re-assure their confident would find this the P1 frustrating.

Note to students: if you need a copy of the answer keys, please PM me. I will send it to you. Only students please.

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