Sec 1 Math Preparatory Class (For PSLE Graduating Students)

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Sec 1 Math Preparatory Class (For PSLE Graduating Students)

Postby Cleverland Tutorial Centre » Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:55 am

If you think you would like to prepare early for your child for Sec 1 Mathematics ahead of their peers, this preparatory course may be good for any current PSLE students graduating this year.


The math holiday preparatory course curriculum for Pri 6 students was originally developed 18 years ago by the Education Director cum founder of Cleverland Tutorial Centre whose aim is to help Primary 6 students to build a proper and excellent mathematical foundation before moving to Secondary 1.

Then, he found that many of his new Sec 1 students were often unsure of the essential concepts required. The students tend to struggle with various Sec 1 mathematical topics during the first semester. Upon seeing the needs to fill these gaps during this transitional period, he developed a 6-lessons math bridging course to teach the Pri 6 students essential concepts and skills needed for the various Sec 1 math topics.

For the last 18 years, the effectiveness of his preparatory class has been felt by many students. The survey shown that students who had attended this bridging course tend to perform better in their Sec 1 mathematics as compared to their peers. A number of them have even emerged as top scorers in mathematics either in class or school level.

You may visit the link below for more information:!sec-1-holiday-math-prep-class-online-for/c2cs


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