Better results in Additional Mathematics than Mathematics

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Better results in Additional Mathematics than Mathematics

Postby Lee Chee Yong » Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:14 pm

Been a tutor for many years now, I noticed that there are some students taking double mathematics subjects in secondary school who actually do better in Additional Mathematics than Mathematics.

This phenomenon is strange to comprehend in the beginning, as Additional Mathematics have more abstract concepts and harder formulas to master. However, having met 4-5 such students in my list of students, I realized that this is with reasons.

Reason 1:
Additional Mathematics have more routine steps and certain way of approaching the questions. If a student has good grasp of the routine mechanical steps, doing well in additional mathematics is within reach. Some of these students however may not react well with identifying patterns and out of the box thinking. As a results, questions such as number patterns may be one of the weaker topics which these students may not fare so well in.

Reason 2:
Student doing double mathematics in secondary school typically spend more of their lesson time focusing on the additional mathematics topics. Many of the topics in Mathematics overlap with the lower secondary syllabus, and as such, school teachers typically go over the mathematics quickly. As a results, there are cases when the coverage of mathematics topics for dual mathematics subjects student is much less compared to a single maths student.

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