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Looking for that infant/childcare, pre-school or student care with caring teachers or enrichments? Share your findings here.
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Re: [Alexandra/Bukit Merah/Queenstown/Tiong Bahru] Preschool

Post by Rainbow17 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:49 pm

IvinLim wrote:
Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:13 pm
I'd like to give my feedback about the mfs at Telok Blangah Heights. The infant care is quite good the teachers and good and care about the children and communicate often with the parents to give feedback. The feedback book is filled up every day with accurate information I'm confident that my child is well taken care of. But the toddler class I feel is not that great, so I'm thinking of looking elsewhere..

Was wondering if anyone has any feedback about Children's Cove behind Queenstown library? I searched in this forum but couldn't find anything .
Hi is your child with children cove? How do u find it?

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Re: [Alexandra/Bukit Merah/Queenstown/Tiong Bahru] Preschools

Post by cherrymummy » Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:29 am

Hi everyone,
trying to give some feedback for parents looking for a preschool in bukit merah area. My child, who is in N1, being an inquisitive and active learner, it has not been easy to find a school that enables her to learn in a more holistic way. I was looking around and decided on attending Little Gems Preschool@Redhill. Talked to the centre manager and found out they have another school at Ang Mo Kio area. Was really impressed that they have a focus on hands-on activities to give the kids a more complete learning experience. The centre manager told me that in their school, they have regular outdoor activities and excursions, and costs are kept low to ensure that parents do not get overly burdened with the costs, that's very thoughtful of them:)

After joining the school, this little girl of mine really likes the regular outdoor activities and library visits where her teachers will introduce to her about nature and science. This goes well with the MOE primary schools' Program for Active Learning (PAL) framework where kids are encouraged to learn more holistically. Another pleasant surprise is their year end concert which I am really looking forward to. My friends were telling me that their kids' preschools usually charge lots for their concert, and when I compared it to my girl's concert ticket price, it is so much cheaper than my friends.

It is not a perfect preschool, there are hiccups here and there, but I really appreciate so far what they have provided for my precious girl. Through these few months, she has grown in confidence and is eager to go to school to interact with her friends. She even enjoyed her Chinese lessons! Her chinese teacher, Li Laoshi, likes to use song and dance to make Chinese enjoyable. Now I have to learn to sing the Chinese rhymes with my kid, haha.

Just sharing my 2 cents' worth as a form of thanking what Little Gems@redhill has done so far. So yah, parents, u can check them out at www.littlegemspreschool.sg and hopefully your kids will have a good experience with the school too...

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