Childcare at Yishun or baby seater

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Childcare at Yishun or baby seater

Postby joannebeh77 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:53 am


Just want to ask, anyone put their kids in the childcare at My firstskool (formerlt know as NTUC childcare) at Block 796A, Yishun Ring Road ,or my little campus at Block 849, Yishun Ring Road.

My son is now 18M. My parents in law who now stay in Misa is looking after of him now. And I am thinking to bring him back to Spore when he turn 2 years old in next year. I was wondering wheter to put him in childcare or engage a baby seater to look after him.

Of course, with baby seater, although is more costly, but I would have no stress to fetch him at 7pm sharp and he will not get sick easily. my baby seater can cook 2 meals for my son too.

I consider to put him in childcare also because to train his independent and to learn things like skill and brain development.
I am not sure which childcare is better in terms of learning skill development. Understand from my neighbour my little campus is better but it close at 7pm and i have to rush from office at tanjung pagar at 6pm. or else, i would be late and the penalty is S$/min.

Whereas, the advantage of My firstskool is it close at 7:30pm. .

But the disadvantage is I will have to tapao from outside for my son after fethch him.. which I would it is too ealry for him to take outside food. I am not sure how other mummies prepare the food for their kids after bring their child back from childcare centre.

Would appreciate for parents's feedback and comment

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