Poor Management

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Poor Management

Postby chatelaine » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:47 pm


Anyone encounter sibling being rejected due to school overlook on enrolment figures and some criteria setout using Mindef premises, etc?

Principal confirmed enrolment date for my 2nd child on 2 occasions. 5mths later, reject my application giving reason due to overwhelming response.

Before I enrol my DD, I told them I will need to enrol my DS as well. Asst Branch Director told me no problem as priority will be given to siblings & Mindef personnel child.

I'm getting headache sourcing around for new CC. Anyway to make school squeeze a vacancy for my 2nd child? My DD cried for almost a month to get settled in. I can't imagine changing her to a new CC with 2 BB crying for mummy.

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