Is it advisable to change school at K2?

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Is it advisable to change school at K2?

Postby AngelLuv » Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:23 am

Hi all,

My 5 yrs old girl is currently in a half-day childcare which she enjoys a lot. Her teachers are warm and caring.

However, the syllabus is too simple. Writing alphabet at K1 and inventive spelling at K2!! There is only 1hr 15min of studying during the 3 hrs session. Moreover, the school fees isnt cheap either. I'm worried that the school doesnt prepare her adequately for P1( though she attends enrichment classes)

There is a Cherie Hearts branch behind my house. But the environment is not well-lit and the teachers look bored. However, the curriculum looks comprehensive for P1 preparation.

Should I let her have her childhood at the expense of her adulthood(academically)?? Or should I let her go to the seemingly-not-so-vibrant-Cherie Hearts?

Thanks in advance!

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Postby mintcc » Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:38 am

If even now, you feel the environment of the cherie hearts and their teachers are not as good, then even more issues might arise later on.

I think keeping her at her current cc will not affect her adulthood academically. Since you say she goes to enrichment and she is happy in her current cc.

Alternatively, some parents who have kids in half day cc switch them to kindergartens that have a more comprehensive academic curriculum/add on to the enrichment when they feel the cc is not teaching enough.

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Postby jedamum » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:22 am

which is worse? a kid who is not 100% academically prepared for P1 or a kid who detest going to school? If your kid enjoys going to K2, then you'll have less worries of her detesting going for her P1. My boy used to attend an enrichment who has very comprehensive curriculum. but the way the teacher handle the kids traumatised my boy and i had difficulty convincing him to attend Nursery when he reach 4. Luckily his Nursery teachers are all very patient and nice and although the curriculum is lacking, i kept him there until he graduated as he likes it there. i just supplement with enrichment and home teaching.

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Postby sashimi » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:24 am

I had the reverse problem. My daughter was in a childcare centre with good curriculum, but she was very unhappy because of one of the staff. Basically I think this particular centre had become too arrogant about themselves.

After the last straw, I pulled her out about a month+ before her K1 ended. And placed her in a new school near home.

Whereas the new school is academically not as strong as her previous school, it is still good. And best of all, my daughter is very happy there.

I.e. there's nothing wrong changing centres, but you had better ensure the new one is really what you want!

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Re: Is it advisable to change school at K2?

Postby luvmum » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:30 am

Hi AngelLuv,

Just to share my girl has been with her present CC for 2 years. She will be in K1 next yr. She enjoys her stay there v much as she knows a lot of friends and comfy with the teachers there as well as familiar with the environment. Still I've decided to withdraw her out and placed her on Church Kindy come next yr.

Personally I feel that CC teachers have too many things to do, bulk is on childcaring and though there are study time, however, the time allocation is not sufficient. Usually I will based on the newsletter given by the school to reinforce things my child learn at home. Just quote one incident where the school wrote ' Children learn the numbering from 1 to 30'. When I tried to test my girl how to write 20 for eg, she is unable to write though she can recite. I asked the school but was told they teach but they will not ensure all children know.

I've another opinion, u can keep teaching the child but if you didnt ensure she learns then how can you progress to the next higher level. If no time, highlight to parents so we can assist at home. But we only learn abt our child perf only during PT meeting which I find it's like 6 mths later. I know we cannot rely on the teachers totally but we shld be given an update on a more regular basis. Also, I need to tell the school to return some of the work home in order for us to reinforce at home. They only do so recently after my call. Formerly they will just accum until PT.

Somehow i feel a lot of time is spent on meals, bath, nap, outdoor that there are insufficient focus on academic which sad to say, in our today's educational system, by the time the child comes to P1, they are required to know a lot of things. At the rate that the CC is going, i'm really worried.

At least I know the 3 hrs she spent at Kindy there will be no more childcaring duties involved, thus more time is allocated on real learning. Aft I can still coach her or send her for enrichment. It also free us time to pack her weekends from enrichment as she is currently on full day care.

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Postby Guest » Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:52 pm

I have a differing view to share too. I see my friends' kids going to cc seem to learn more in content than my kid going to 3-hr kindy.

The kindy has food served daily, that already takes about 1/2 hr. And more often than not, 365 days, there are so many BD celebrations. Then there is playground time and many other play activities. Net is the kindy teaches very limited things. So conclusion is it depends on school's curriculum....not whether cc or kindy.

I also know of parents transfering their kids to PAP Kindy to learn more things.

Postby Luanee » Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:54 pm

My girl's montessori school closed down end of her K1, and we had to enrol her in a new school for K2. Thankfully she didnt have any problem adjusting or making friends, which are more of our concerns rather than academically.

Actually we already thought of changing school for her earlier too as we felt montessori style may be too different from P1, with all the uniforms, rules, and sit-down styles etc. Hence a 'proper' kindergarten at K2 may cause less culture shock when she goes to P1 next year.

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Postby sleepy » Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:41 pm

If only half day childcare, then not much difference from a kindergarten in terms of hours . Why don't you send her to kindergarten instead? At least the focus is on teaching, not bathing & feeding the kids. Some PAP kindergarten conduct 4-hours session

And I believe it will be even more stressful for your girl if she's not adequately prepared for P1. Better over-prepared than under-prepared. When she's confident, she will enjoy learning & going to primary school

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