I need help!!! Urgent! Montessori Teacher Recommendations

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I need help!!! Urgent! Montessori Teacher Recommendations

Postby glittery » Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:31 pm

Hi I am a mom of a 2yoDD and i would like to know what are the top 5 factors to look for in a montessori enrichment centre. Also if you know any good montessori enrichment centres or teachers please let me know... :D Thanks!!

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Postby tankee » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:26 pm

Isn't all Montessori more or less the same since they are all Franches of the same company? :?

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Postby absolut_vodka » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:38 pm

tankee wrote:Isn't all Montessori more or less the same since they are all Franches of the same company? :?

From what I understand, the term 'Montessori' is used quite loosely - many schools here claim that they have a Montessori curriculum including PCFs. It definitely does not follow a 'franchising' model (though they are some centers which are run by franchisees e.g MMI has a master franchisor). The Montessori schools here pay a annual membership fee to the some montessori society/organisation in US/UK and in exchange, get regular publications on updates, teaching ideas, support and so on... A true Montessori environment will have Montessori trained teachers (on top of MOE's requirement of 'pre-school teaching' qualifications) and u shd ask to see these certifications if the school claims to be adopting these approaches (the certs of all my child's teachers are displayed on the wall as u enter the school.)

A Montessori approach, in an essence, is a 'child-centered, self-directed' method of teaching whereby materials used have a self-correcting mechanism (such that the child will realize over the time the 'right' way of using the materials) so that the child may develop independence in learning. So in the classroom environment, they are matched by abilities (instead of age groups) and have the 'privilege' of selecting the activities they are interested in, with a teacher guiding them. A small student teacher ratio is also maintained so that the teacher can work intimately with the students. Which justifies the premium that u may pay over the other schools.

However, even in schools that adopt the full curriculum here, the focus slowly shifts towards worksheets (parents here love them somehow and get worried when the children don't seem to do them) and more 'structure' as compared to a true Montessori environment when the child turns 5 or 6 so as to prepare them for primary school.

My dd is in a full montessori environment (and we send here there merely for social reasons - we want her to interact with other children) and enjoys herself tremendously (she even asked us to go home when we were holidaying so that she can go to school) on the 3 days she goes (I am not in favor of stressing my child at such young age with sch). It is an environment I choose with care from my understanding of my child. It may not be suitable for everyone.

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Re: I need help!!! Urgent! Montessori Teacher Recommendation

Postby Snowfox55 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:31 am

Hi absolut_vodka

Which child care center your DD in? Seems quite good and just match my concept also.

Thanks a lot!

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