Classroom space in CCCs

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Classroom space in CCCs

Postby magg » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:37 pm

Dear all, please let me hear your thoughts.

I did some hunting for N2 CCCs. Noticed that different centres have different reasons behind their space allocation for the classes.

For example: Agape @ One North has an enclosed classroom for each class where they sleep. learn play and eat. So the environment seems very conducive and the kids are not disturbed by kids from other classes or movements in the CCC.

KinderCorner at Science Park 2 places their K2 kids in enclosed room cos they want the kids to concentrate and prepare for P1.

Little Skool House @ Ghim Moh places their K2 kids in an open area, together with the N2, separated only by low book shelves. The space allocated to the N2 and K2 are very open and near to the common eating area. I was wondering won't they be disturbed when the children come out for their tea breaks, meals and toilet breaks? I asked the staff there and they said it was because they had a high demand for 2006 and 2007 children, that's why the K1 and K2 classes are being moved out from the rooms. In my opinion, I thought the K1 and K2 kids should be given more privacy due to the academic curriculum and so they would not be so easily distracted.

I understand we have a few experts in this forum, so would like to seek your advice

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