Special Needs Teachers

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Re: Special Needs Teachers

Postby jedamum » Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:03 pm

insider wrote:Out of the 5 sets of parents, not everyone is agreeable to sending their kids for assessment (this is always a touchy issue whenever a principal suggests an assessment. Have to phrase ultra carefully else later kena SUED!).

yes. this is a touchy issue. even before parents agree to send their kids for diagnosis, schools need to be sensitive and assure them that they will support the kids in the best way that they can.
when ds2's N1 teacher told us to go for extra help, we were shattered and contemplated changing schools. husband did not want to send ds2 for diagnosis. after approaching the principal to have a chat (cos i was clueless as to how to move on from there), we were reassured that they had experience working with hyper kids and they shared cases where parents rope in therapist to sit in class to assess kids and work together with these therapist (but mine is in kindergarten, not CC). in N2, it is also the constant reassurance and genuine acts of concern (they assigned 1-to-1 teaching to my kid whenever possible) that gave us hope. come >1yr later now, it is clearer that ds2 had merely met a stumbling block in learning (speech) and is not diagnosed as a hyperkid (although he has high energy level). we are lucky. but the journey up then has been taxing emotionally and mentally (ie parents in doubt will tend to blow their top and snap at teachers when constantly been told that their kid need help when the school/teachers did not offer the parents solution on the steps that they can take), so teachers should be trained to be sensitive when handling the parents.

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Re: Special Needs Teachers

Postby Enbin » Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:33 pm

Heard from the news recently that they are opening up more such primary school due to the increase number of special needs kids. Is it the food we eat that causes all this problem? Haizz...

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