Any childcare with a lot of play time?

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Any childcare with a lot of play time?

Postby flim » Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:28 pm


I'm looking for a childcare, preferably around Hougang area, that gives the children a lot of supervised time to play among themselves.

My daughter is 4 yrs old and she currently attends a 2.5hr daily nursery. I can tell that she's really bored at home, but she's not interested in colouring, drawing, reading and stuff like that. I get the impression that she does lot of that in school, but not enough of 'play'.

At home she doesn't even seem interested in playing with her own toys despite being restless most of the time. It seems that she needs someone to play with. I can't play with her all the time since I need to do housework too, and besides, playing with an adult is not the same as playing with other children.

That's why I'm considering sending her to a childcare or a kindergarten with longer hours, one that gives her the opportunity to play with her classmates/other kids.

I'm not particular about other things, like the reading, writing, etc. At this point in time, I believe she needs to play more than anything.

Does anyone know of a place like that?

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