San Lorenzo Montessori and Halifax Montessori

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San Lorenzo Montessori and Halifax Montessori

Postby vidukcom » Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:57 am

Hi All....

Anybody have experiences or sharing with regards to San Lorenzo Montessori near Bedok MRT and Halifax Montessori near Novena/Little India MRT ?

My daughter is currently in Nursery class in preschool nearby our home. However, I don't think that the school is good. Thus, am looking for a good preschool.

Please share.... Thanks.

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Re: San Lorenzo Montessori and Halifax Montessori

Postby fayeV » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:19 pm

did you manage to find a review for Halifax and San Lorenzo? it might be good to take a look. I have went to Halifax a long time ago, about 1.5 years and found that the teachers for the nursery left the kids sitting around, crying and disappeared somewhere else. I was being brought around to view but the administrator didnt look for the teachers to get them back. It was recommended by my ped whose daughter is in the kindergarten class.

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Re: San Lorenzo Montessori and Halifax Montessori

Postby AlanisStorm » Mon Feb 23, 2015 4:50 pm

They are now called Pink Tower Montessori

Pink Tower Montessori at Tembeling Road (Katong) is a horrid Montessori by the way.
Looks good only on the externals. A lot of hype put into being showy.
They claim to have term by term exposure of the kids to different countries' cultures and a lot of arty stuff.

My child was there but what I discovered that underneath all these showy claims, was that the teachers were:
1. Inefficient in communicating with the parents. They passed information on sudden school closures NOT through the teachers but by asking the bus driver to inform us (the bus driver is a contracted service and not even from the school!) You can write a question to a teacher in the communications notebook and there is no response from them for days!
2. A lot of time put into so-called graduation concert at the year end - and it is very pricey - kids who don't pay the price to be a part of it, end up being neglected the whole term as the teachers don't teach AT ALL in term 4, spending 95 percent of the time on the lousy concert.
3. They charge about 1000 dollars a month! And the teachers are obviously very young and inexperienced.
4. They overcharge for field trips - a field trip to Changi Airport cost close to 40 dollars and the kids were only fed half a burger and there was no special access to any area in Changi Airport that required money. Basically all the charges went to the bus alone! Fishy. If you don't join the field trips, then you can't send your kid to school that day and you lose out on the school fees you paid for that day.
5. The only thing they are speedy in, are collecting your fees.
6. Lots of international kids there - but poor value for money if you ask me, even if your husband's company is picking up the bill.

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