Confused between PCS & TPBC (Hougang)

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Confused between PCS & TPBC (Hougang)

Postby Kiasu_Sheray » Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:56 am

Hi Mummies & Daddies...

Need advise! I'm confused between this 2 schools.

My boy (Nursery) this year has been in PCS Childcare for 1.5years & he loves the teachers there, except that we were concerned with his English teacher. Hence we transfer him to TPBC, a proper kindergarten (3hrs session). However, PCS just changed my boy's English teacher to a better 1. & now currently my boy is studying in TPBC for 3 hrs and then the school bus will fetch him to PCS child care.

I wonder should I continue this arrangement in which it is financially straining on the parents (but can tahan), & my boy is quite tired & i'm worried he is confused with the teachings in both schools.

Or I should continue in just 1 school.

Anyone has comments on this 2 schools will be greatly appreciated.


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