Kindergarten for 3 year old?

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Kindergarten for 3 year old?

Postby IKSMOM » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:05 am


Since I will be returning to Singapore by end of August and by that time my daughter will have turned 3, I am on the lookout to enroll her in kindergarten.

I am interested in enrolling her to PCF in Woodlands area. Is that good? Or any good suggestions, anyone?

I would like her to be only in the morning session and perhaps just 3x per week?

Also curious to know, which kindergarten level will she be admitted to?

Many thanks to all!

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Re: Kindergarten for 3 year old?

Postby SAHM_TAN » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:40 am

For a 3yo born in 2009, your daughter will be in nursery 1 or N1.

You can visit MCYS website and use the directory there to locate the varrious kindy around your area.

Not sure what are your selection criteria but there are many options like what you mentioned, PCF, church-based kindy, Montessori based kindy, other pte kindy that use a combination of Montessori, multi-intelligences, project based etc.

You browse at the various threads here discussing about pre-schools ... um.php?f=3

Also need to chk if there's any vacancies in the kindy that you wish your child to attend.

It's good to decide your criteria and then visit a number of kindy before you make your choice.

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