Recommendation for 2 hour playgroup in Sembwang? Tots House?

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Recommendation for 2 hour playgroup in Sembwang? Tots House?

Postby Fern » Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:00 pm


My boy is now 18 months. I am starting to look for a suitable playgroup in Sembwang area. I stay at Sembawang Admiralty Drive. I understand there are lots of PAP schools around here which I am not keen to send my boy to.

Can somebody recommend me a non PAP school with good syallbus, teachers near my house within walking distance.

Was recommened TOTS HOUSE..

Or is there more? Hope to sign up a good playgroup for him soon? :D

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Tumble Tots Programmes

Postby buds » Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:57 pm

Heyya Fern,

I would recommend a Tumble Tots programme for a child
that age. Tumble Tots programmes a great confidence

For your child's age, you may consider this class called
>WALKING TO 2 YEARS. Designed for children who can
already walk confidently and they have Parent & Child
weekend programme. (1X a week)

With parental participation, the confident walker will be
encouraged to climb, jump, roll… and other elementary
physical activities that help stimulate body awareness.

Tumble Tots Programme

For children : 18 to 30 months
Frequency : Mon to Fri
Timing : 11:45am to 2:45pm

For children : 18 to 30 months
Frequency : Twice a week
Timing : 3.30pm to 5.30pm*
* Subject to availability

Or alternatively, you may wish to
view a session before deciding if
this is a suitable programme for
your child. You can opt for a trial!

Trial Class @ SGD $45.00
Saturday | 10:30AM | S45.00

They have a branch in Sembawang!
Here's the address for you.. Wink

No. 2 Sembawang Crescent, #02-02,
The Jelutung Community Club,
Singapore 757632
Tel: (65) 6257 0109

My elder girl was an introvert, and to achieve
the-all-rounder aspect for our child; we decided
on a Tumble Tots programme to shape her up,
ala boot camp! Hehee.. Much to our delight we
incidentally met up with my ol' friend who was
one of the branch operators nearby!

We started with twice a week, then slowly upgraded
to 3 times and finally when she asked, "Why don't I
have school everyday, mummy?".... We KNEW that
was the right time to upgrade her to their daily classes.

Daily classes were filled with lotsa cute songs we love!
There was also pre-math concepts, phonics using the
Letterland curriculum and also introduction to early
Mandarin as 2nd language. Most importantly, the staff
(all of them!) where we sent our girl, were of superb
caring and loving nature. Their passion for the children
in nurturing them to be confident, happy kiddies exuded
naturally. We could never have asked for more. And yes,
our girl is definitely an all-rounder NOW!

No longer the "too-shy" kinda girly! Toughened up a bit
liao! Wink So that's my recommendation for you... :D
Remember tho, that different set-ups will have different
environments, programmes & different manpower calibre,
so the feeling will not be exactly similar. You gotta go visit
the places you have shortlisted to have a FEEL.

Hope this helps.

PS : By the way, you should've posted your 1st post to
introduce yourself at the newbies instead of here hor...
So, see you at newbies real soon. Must report strength
to the Principal, okie! Thanks in advance. (TIA)

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