Pre-School teachers pay

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Pre-School teachers pay

Postby 3Boys » Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:16 am

Spare a thought for the folk to whom we entrust our precious pre-schoolers and for whom we have such high expectations --> ... 54530.html

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Postby schellen » Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:55 am

This is very old news. All over the world, preschool and childcare teachers are the most lowly paid. If you get to know some of the teachers, you'll realise that they survive because:
1. they really love their job.
2. their husbands (for the female teachers) bring in a lot of pay to make up for it. (Maybe that's partly why males are rare in this industry.)
3. they are using it as a stepping stone/interim thing until they can find a job better pay. (This usually applies to the younger ones.)
4. they have grown-up children and no longer need to worry about earning enough.
5. they are much older with a stable nest egg built up through years of work doing something else and they are just doing this to fill up their time and/or fulfill their dream to work with children.

One preschool teacher I befriended some years ago told me that she didn't dare to tell her husband how little she earned. Her children were mostly teenagers and she returned to her old job because the principal asked her to. You may think that she works at a PCF branch but no, she actually works for a private kindergarten that charges very high school fees and caters mostly to the expats and the rich. It's lucky for her that she was able to continue working with children as her husband earns a lot.

Yes, the pay is on average better than years ago but it is still not on par with what their peers earn in other fields. And teachers are expected to have a diploma. In countries like Australia, a diploma will only give you an assistant's post. To be a fully qualified teacher, you need a degree...yet they are paid so little.

A lot of people outside of this field don't know about this, especially parents. Be grateful if you can find someone who earns so little yet cares so much for your child. Appreciation (seriously lacking sometimes) is greatly welcome. :D

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Postby buds » Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:57 am

Yup, schellen.

You hit the nail right on the head darling.
This has been an fruitless ongoing battle.
But if we all (pre-school educators) go
head-on strike on this, what happens to
the children?

High centre fees do not always equate
better pay for the staff... sadly. Cause
at times, it's more of a better profit
margin for the boss.

I started from scratch or should i say
from the pit, really and worked my way
up all the way. My first assistant's job
being the most challenging and tiring,
and the lowest paid for a full-time job!

It's been a challenging road but i relish
every second of it. Tho we get less of
the limelight as compared to the educators
from Primary levels up to university, we hv
this quiet satisfaction that all that wud not hv
been possible had it not been stemmed from
our dedication and passion for our job..

Different challenges apply for different levels
in the teaching sector. It's just that pre-school
is by far the lowest paid within the teaching sector.

Off topic a bit here but just thought to share this..

I had an experience where this beautiful young lady
came up to me and called me by my teaching pet name..
she was in her teens ie. secondary school. Shocked as i
was, i asked how she could've remembered me?

She said,"I was sitting in front of you and your girls since
just now.. and heard your voice talking to them... and i just
knew where i have heard that voice, that tone and all that love..."

"When i turned around to see if i was right, i knew it was YOU..."

"I'm ......... You taught me in ................ kindergarten back then.
I will always remember you.."


The girl's all grown up into a fine young lady! So i replied, " OMG!
You look different!" Ok, i admit that was like "DUHH.." That sure
came out wrong. Of course she looked different! She was only a
small girl when i was last acquainted with her! Guess i was just
dead surprised to be remembered. And next surprise was, she
was related to a family friend of ours. :wink:

We exchanged a big hug after that and boy it felt so good and
overwhelming. While hugging her, flashes of the past whizzed in
my mind. I told her.. "Thanks for coming up to me dear.. i really
appreciate it very much. I remember you too."

"You were my perfect little student back then in kindergarten."
"I never knew that cute little girl would turn out his beautiful...
and hawt! " And i winked at her.. :wink:

Before we parted ways, she said, "I was surprised to see you
too, Miss _________ , you're way hawt-er than i remembered!"

Aaaw.. blush.. :oops:

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Postby smurf » Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:19 pm

it's interestng to see that the most lowest paid jobs are those whch are the most important ones. those hghly paid jobs? what do they do? :shock:

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Postby 3Boys » Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:13 pm

Well, thanks for that, quite an eye opener. At the end of the day, in Singapore, I think services as such can really be considered to be very affordable when compared to other developed countries. My colleagues from western climes turn green when I speak about live-in help and how much they cost, such things are really only for the very well heeled in other places.

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Postby amylqf » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:10 pm

It is very touching story from buds.

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