Enrichment on top of regular kindergarten class

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Enrichment on top of regular kindergarten class

Postby mummychua » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:20 am

I'm wondering if its common for parents to send your kids to enrichment despite of daily class at kindergarten.

talked to a follow mummy yesterday and she mentioned that the current curriculum in Church kindy do not prepare the student for Pri 1, so there is a need to send kids for enrichment. and worse she told me that i will have to book a place for my dd, 2.5yr old now to secure a seat for yr 2014. i was like :yikes: :whut:

my dd will be attending a church kindy starting next yr, 2.5hrs daily. and music class on sat morning. will it be a little too much if i will to send her to additional enrichment? I wanna her to enjoy her childhood but i dont wish to have her play catch up during pri 1.

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