Preschools prepared your kids well for Singapore primary?

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Preschools prepared your kids well for Singapore primary?

Postby ConcernedDaddy » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:08 am

For parents who have already been through the pre-school days and with kids now in primary schools (Singapore schools), can you share your comments on your kid's previous preschool and their curriculum - specifically if they have prepared your child properly for the Singapore education system? (not discussing the international or foreign schools system here)

Nowadays, there are so many pre-schools and childcare centres with many learning methods. Parents currently at the pre-school stage will benefit greatly from those parents who have been through the process and seen the results when your kids reach primary school. For many of us, it can be too late by the time our kids reach primary, so advance sharing/opinions can really matter a lot.

For example, for children previously in an environment which is "child-led" and focused mainly on play and little on structured curriculum, do they adapt well in primary school? If given a choice going back in time, would you have sent your child to the same pre-school?

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Re: Preschools prepared your kids well for Singapore primary

Postby ammonite » Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:11 pm

I feel child-led is better for social confidence and verbal skills. In terms of reading/writing/maths, it may not be fair to expect a 3-4 hour programme to prepare a child totally without home reinforcement. The ultimate choice should depend on your child's learning style and social confidence and that is different for everyone.

The one thing that I think parents with preschool children can look out for are teachers with good enunciation. The daily exposure will make a clear difference, especially if the child does not speak the language at home.

My two children are very different and I picked different preschools for them.

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