K+ @ Serangoon North Village (Infant Care)

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K+ @ Serangoon North Village (Infant Care)

Postby Paranoia » Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:05 pm

My DS has been with K+@Serangoon North Village Infant Care since October 2012. This is a PCF centre.
I visited 11 infant-care centres, initially, before finally settling on this centre. This is a lot – considering that not many centres offer infant care in the first place. I visited centres both near my home and near DH’s workplace; both various PCF centres and even the (much) higher-priced private centres. We eventually chose K+@Serangoon N village for various reasons: its facilities (clean, neat & bright) and its staff (teachers appeared to know the infants they were caring for intimately and were seen to handle the infants gently, even when we had dropped-in unannounced). We are so relieved that all our initial apprehension and worries were for nought – we could not have asked for better care for him.
The teachers (Alicia Ngang, Phuah Hwee Kiang, Lim Cheng Beng, Rahimah bte Ismail) provide personal care and genuinely love the infants they look after. All 4 teachers are well-experienced with handling infants. I think teacher Alicia also has some nursing background. They all know the infants’ individual personalities well. While I was happy just to find a centre which can provide adequate routine care for the infants, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these teachers take genuine interest in the children’s developmental milestones and mental/physical stimulation. Despite the centre not having a principal until only very recently, the teachers took it upon themselves to nurture and teach the infants on their own. Every parent has different opinions of how their child should be raised and every child is a unique individual. Knowing this, the teachers have been flexible with our specific requests for our child and have never forced their opinions on us. The care and attention DS receives at this centre has enabled me to return to work with peace of mind and even to leave him there for long hours when I have late meetings at work.
The centre hired a principal (Janice Chen) about 7 weeks ago and in this short time that she has come on board, we can already see an even greater improvement. The centre, as a whole (not just infant care), appears to have better direction. This gives greater stability to the already good work which the infant care teachers do.
We have mixed feelings when our son graduates from infant care this month. While we are glad that he is older and will be moving on, we know he has enjoyed himself tremendously in K+@Serangoon N village. He loves being dropped off at the centre every morning and cannot wait to go in to play with his friends. In his time there, our son has blossomed into a very interactive, cheerful, chatty, responsible and caring child.

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