Pre-school Fee hike, is it justifiable?

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Pre-school Fee hike, is it justifiable?

Postby mama_mia » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:45 pm

Hi All

With the recent news about the intention to shape up the preschool industry, it seems like some preschools are taking the opportunity to increase fee.
This is adding financial burden to families at the end. Operators citing increase pay for preschool teachers as the cause of fee hike, is this justified? I had my doubt. The intention to raise the standard the of preschools is definitely a sound one, but cannot be at the expense of the parents.

My dd's preschool at the TT tech park had sent a memo informing of fee hike citing overhead cost etc. and even requested parents to submit a consent form to indicate if they would like to continue. This had put off a lot of parents including myself. With this fee hike, it had become a regular event.

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