Kinderland RP/SP/SIM/MND Combined K2 concert 2013

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Kinderland RP/SP/SIM/MND Combined K2 concert 2013

Postby centaurus » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:00 pm


I wonder if there are parents of the above Kinderland CCs in this forum. This year the 4 CCs are doing a combined graduation concert for the K2 graduating pupils. The problem is the unreasonable time given by the management for the concert. It's midweek 13th November at an unreasonable time of 10am to 12pm. I am a parent of a child in Kinderland SP and we have only been informed of this date end of last week.

Some parents from SP held a meeting with the principal of the centre and a representative from HR. Our main concern was that given the timing of the concert it may be difficult for both parents to take leave to support their child. Even elder siblings might find it difficult to attend as it is a school day. We were given the impression that we were the only centre facing this problem and that the parents from the other centres (RP/SIM/MND) did not have this problem.

I am hoping to get some true responses from the parents involved in this concert. Most parents from SP have decided to pull out their child from this concert due to logistical problem.

Kinderland HR has informed us that it is impossible to change the date and/or time of the concert.

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