Brainy Montessori at orchard plaza

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Brainy Montessori at orchard plaza

Postby Giraffenneko » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:31 pm


Hi! I would like to have feedback if any of you have placed your precious ones at brainy Montessori. I am looking at their weekend enrichment classes for my 20 month old. Or do u have any idea where I can get quality Montessori weekend classes for me and my son? The ones provided by brainy is held over the weekends of 1.5 hours each lesson. The fees are pretty reasonable at $140 per month for 4 lessons.
In fact, at the moment my son is already enrolled in a pre nursery on a daily basis but I thought a different approach to learning like Montessori would be interesting. What do u think?
I would love some feedback on this school or any other recommendations for weekend Montessori classes for moms and tots? Not too far as I am in the northeast side of sunny Singapore.
Appreciate all feedbacks and comments!

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