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Postby Ori » Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:41 am


It looks like staff movement seems to be an issue in education industry all over Singapore...

Last month, my sis told me her daughter (P3) had 9 teachers in one of Woodlands Primary School this year!

I guess the reasons goes more than remuneration attraction.... Could it be passion, goals, personal satisfaction, duties, location, incentives, personal development, personal matters, family matters, health matters, environmental factor, mentoring factor and the list goes on and on and go.

Probably other industry faces similars issues. I remembered how I needed to change from one hair stylist to another until I got bored of dealing with attachment issues. I now opted to QC, the box concept. They too often change hair dressers, however the experience is still satisfying as of now because they do equally good job! That matters most to me...

I guess I will need to deal with loss and changes and that's how life works... Nothing is permanent and everything is simply `flow'...

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