Need After School Nanny for Pri2 Boy at Naval Base Primary

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Need After School Nanny for Pri2 Boy at Naval Base Primary

Postby newchicmom » Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:23 pm

I'm looking for an after school nanny for my Pri 2 boy who is studying at Naval Base Primary in Yishun (near Khatib mrt).

What the nanny needs to do:
- fetch child from school
- provide lunch/ or let child eat in school if nanny does not cook
- shower child (just water, no soap, as he has sensitive skin and needs special shower wash at home)
- get child to complete his school work and learn his English and Chinese Spelling
- play time till 6pm when my parent fetches him

Prefers a nanny who speaks Mandarin as my boy speaks too much English.
Someone who is strict and firm but kind to kids.
Nanny needs to have a clean home with no pets or carpets as my boy has sensitive skin.
Great if the nanny has her own primary school kid(s) to play with my boy.

I am willing to pay $300 a month or in exchange for her kid to come to my place for tuition twice a week in exchange.

Kindly contact me at

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