Learning vision vs. Carpe Diem comparison

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Learning vision vs. Carpe Diem comparison

Postby miereddy » Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:39 pm

My boy was in LV (in my office building) from toddler to early N1 this year, since we moved home, it's not so convenient to travel long distance, we decided to move him to the Carpe Diem just next to my new home to reduce his travel time. Now I get the opportunity to compare these two childcare base on his experience:

1. Curriculum: generally I feel the curriculum is no different between the two. Both are bilingual, all teach letterland phonics. But since CD is located in a landed property, they have outdoor water play once a week, also have class in the park next to the school once a week.

2. Environment: as mentioned, CD is very close to nature but LV is just in office building. Pros and cons apply. Nature is sunny, so need to apply sun block, nature has bugs and mosquito, also need to prepare repellant. But it's alway good for kids to be close to nature I guess. Their mind is more open? The LV was open concept with low partitions. The centre looks bright and spacious, but it's noisy. CD is in landed property, close door class rooms can illiminate noises, kids intent to focus more but it's space constrains. They need to keep moving to other rooms (eg. Labs, gym, play area, dinning are are separate). But in LV, they eat, teach and play in the same area.

3. Classmates: not sure why, but see lots of Caucasians in CD but all Asian in LV. Asians are more disciplined but in CD, always see kids running around, crying, etc but teacher encourage them to express themselves and respect their feelings.

4. Teaching facilities: since their prices are exactly the same, I'm expecting the same teaching facility as well. But the biggest plus point is, no TV or computer in CD. Unlike LV, we always spotted teachers playing YouTube videos for kids, yes, kids can be settled easily in this way but it's obviously not good for their eyes, also this way is too passive.

I guess in overall, both centers have their unique point, the most important is the convienence and most of all, kid must be happy ;)

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