Montessori or local pre school

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Montessori or local pre school

Postby parivinu » Fri May 01, 2015 7:50 pm

Hello Everyone,

Good day.
I have 15 month old daughter and would like to send her for preschool(Montessori/kindergarten) probably at 23 months and joining preschool for full day as both me and my husband are Software Engineers.. I just started researching and came across this wonderful site . Would be great help and appreciate if I get good guidance and suggestions. Pros and Cons for the same .
I heard that Montessori teaching is very practical education which Kids Enjoy learning through practical's where Kindergarten will be more theoretical.
Please suggest us
1. Which is school is the best in East part of Singapore As we stay near East coast park ( Bedok/Changi/Marine parade/semei/Tampines/Pasirris/Tanjong katong)?
2. Looking for quality yet not so expensive Montessori school?
3.Looking for full time.

Expectations :
1.Academic curriculum
3.Independent thinking and problem solving
4.Teacher to pupil ratio
5.English Language fluency
5. Multi cultural Environment
6. Extra Curricular Activities

Thanks in Advance !

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