PCF Vs MOE Kindergarden Vs Private Kindergarden

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Re: PCF Vs MOE Kindergarden Vs Private Kindergarden

Post by babyme » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:21 am

Kiaseemum wrote:
zbear wrote:
Kiaseemum wrote:
It's just sad that some parents don't make an effort to ensure their kids are literate before they enter pri 1.. There's really no time to learn to read when you're in p1, because there is so much more you have to understand like example math problems etc.

Has times changed? Is it true that you have no time to learn to read in P1?

As far as I am aware, P1 is 'honeymoon' time. Its a slow transition from kindy to Primary School. So long as they are able to read n write basic words before entering Primary School, I am sure they can stay on par unless they have a learning disability.
Nope, in p1 it's not a honeymoon time anymore..
I disagree. According to MOE syllabus, P1 must be adaptable by any kids who has no schooling experience.
In fact this is international standard.
You are too kiasee and kiasu la.

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