mummies, help!

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mummies, help!

Postby therustywhale » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:03 pm

Hi! I'm a year 4 Industrial Design student in NUS, doing my thesis on preschoolers aged 4-6. Just wanted to reach out to you parents and ask some questions for my research :)

(Feel free to skip any questions you don't know how to/ don't want to answer!)
(You can also private message me if you don't want to post your answers in the forum!)

1. Are you a working parent?

2. Did you know what your child was learning in school?
- If you do, can you state some examples?
- How was your child learning these things? eg. through play, classes...
- Did your child tell you about his/her experiences in school? When does he/she tell you? eg. when you fetch him/her from school, before bedtime...

3. If the preschool your child is attending/attended in the past 2 years had an online portal?
- What was the portal for? (eg. was it mostly for announcements of events, or to talk to teachers about your child's wellbeing, or for doing some homework, or playing some educational games with your child?)
- Did you find the portal useful? / How much or often did you use the portal?

4. Was there frequent parent-teacher interaction?
- How often did you talk to your children's teachers?
- Did the teachers seem interested in talking about your child?
- Did the teachers help address any area of concern you had? And what were the areas?
- Do you wish there could have been more parent-teacher interaction?

5. Was there any homework/activities that needed your participation to finish?
- What was the activity?
- Did you like being involved in your child's preschool activities or did you feel it was troublesome?
- Did you feel like you were helping your child to learn something?

6. Did your child find it hard to relate to what was taught in school vs home/in life? egs?

7. Were/Are you worried about your child's literacy skills?
- Do you believe in learning about literacy through play?

8. How much did your child get to experience nature? (eg. classes in parks, playing outdoors)
- Is this important to you?

9. Did you wish you were more involved or were you confident with the preschool?

10. How did your child feel about preschool?

11. Was it easy to track your child's progress? Could you tell that he was learning and growing?

Feel free to elaborate as much as you can! You could also write down which preschool your child attended! Thank you v much :)!! This will be of huge help to my thesis research!

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