Preschool Teaching Methods

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Preschool Teaching Methods

Postby estellemum » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:25 pm

Hi! i am recently reading up quite alot on the teaching methods used in childcare centres. Anyone has any insights/experiences on the pros/cons of these methods? For example, the montessori method, thematic based, project based, literature based (just heard about this from Little Skool House - isnt this about the same as thematic?), and even the Neuro Science from Mindchamps. What amount of teacher-directed or play is essential to make up a good curriculum? and what exactly IS a good curriculum for K1 children? Anyone has any to share? :)

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Postby buds » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:40 pm

Hi estelle.

Firstly, welcome here.

Secondly, pls report to newbies.
Start new intro thread for yourself
so we can first get to know who you

Third, those are really a whole lotta
questions that you're asking for at a
stretch. Have you read through our
threads... albeit individually cos it is
clearer and helps our users to find
topics easily (navigate easily).

There are too many comparisons to
be made in a single question in your
case... Can you perhaps post in the
individual threads first, ya think?

Chief, can mebbe merge this somewhere
else please... Pre-school curriculum mebbe?

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