Problems with this kindergarten

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Problems with this kindergarten

Postby Mummybaby » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:18 am

Hi Parents,

My girl has been studying in this kindergarten for 3 months and is a K1 half day afternoon program. She has also signed up several enrichment programs which the school offers in the afternoon as well.

But now, the problem is that the school is facing lots of withdrawals in the full day childcare, a.m. sessions etc. Since then the school has been "harassing" us to switch to full day childcare and am session for the past few weeks despite we told them we prefer the afternoon session (enrichment programs in the afternoon as well). The am session and full day care school fees are much more expensive and the school has given us lots of excuses not to continue the afternoon half day school! The school is very persistent and we felt very stressful and unfair. Most parents do not want to change as well. Some even consider withdrawal. The school has been calling us at home and workplace to persuade us to switch to full day preferably for the past few weeks! Nothing is done through writing but all in phone calls by the teachers.

Can a school offers a program and cancels it as and when they like? They are now "pushing" us to pay a higher school fees to make up the loss of income. Does the school has the right to do that?

Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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