Travel: China - ChengDu

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Travel: China - ChengDu

Postby loner » Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:58 pm

Wonder anybody has been to Chengdu? Any good eating place one should not miss and is the place children friendly?

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Postby mathsparks » Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:57 pm

We last travelled to Chengdu/Jiuzhaigou in Dec 2006.

Kids would definitely love the Science and Technology museum (4 storeys) where we spent many hours exploring the various exhibits from biotech, aeronautics, magnetism etc. Some of the exhibits allow you to have hands-on. We watched robots drawing portraits of visitors, robots performing 变脸, robots mimicking sounds and engaging in conversation with visitors.

DD tried out the astronaut training equipment, both kids rode in a capsule-like transport of the future. We made music, the vr way and DS walked across a tight rope too.

We watched a 4D movie too. Spent almost an entire day there.

Checkout also the panda research centre where we saw lots of cute pandas and staffs feeding baby pandas. Not sure if they've re-opened
since the last earthquake.

While in Chengdu, do watch the traditional 变脸 and incredible chinese acrobats perform at the theatre. It never fails to amaze us how they do that!.

We were there in winter, so the shopping wasn't that fantastic. But do checkout their shopping street - chun xi jie. There's a 4/5 storey
bookshop nearby selling all sorts of chinese books. We bought so many for the kids, from references to story books.

Take a flight to jiuzhaigou which is a Unesco world heritage site and popularly known as the most beautiful place on earth. The scenery was stunningly beautiful..from snow-covered mountains to crystal blue lakes. We watched tribal dances too.

For the religious, schedule a visit to e-mei shan which is also a Unesco heritage site.

We hope to return for a ski trip to e-mei shan in future.

PS: Chengdu roast duck is very different from Beijing roast duck. You've been warned. :lol:

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Re: China -ChengDu

Postby kiasu_pig » Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:46 am

loner wrote:Wonder anybody has been to Chengdu? Any good eating place one should not miss and is the place children friendly?
Chengdu hotpot is "S.P.I.C.Y H.O.T" .. Mesuem-wise, San.Xing.Dui and Jinsha archaeological sites, are among the interesting ones ...

Comparatively, "Jiu.Zhai.Gou" and "Huang.Long" are stunning beautiful - but for kids, the high attitudes maybe not tolerant for young children (I remembered, some of the kids in the tour bus we've in then nausea and vomitted)..

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