Affordable PA Kiddies Holiday Programme at CCs!

School terms keep kids in school and parents sane. Holidays can be boring to kids if they are left alone. Discuss vacation ideas and how to make good use of the free time for both children and adults.

Affordable PA Kiddies Holiday Programme at CCs!

Postby loveemummy » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:13 am

Hey mummies! Here’s something for your kids during this upcoming school holidays! Over 500 exciting and affordable activities will be available at the Community Centres/Clubs (CCs) island-wide, with 68 exciting courses specially packaged to suit your children’s needs and interests.

Your little ones can unleash their talents as a dancing star or learn new skills as a little magician and Iron Chef. They can stimulate their brain through creativity and critical thinking or flex their muscles as a junior sports champion! This holiday, there is something for everyone, even Mum and Dad! Join in the parent-child sessions for quality bonding time with your children through happy shared experience!

Click on the link to explore the PA Kiddies courses we have prepared for you and your children! ... /index.htm

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