Feedback/ideas of Nov/Dec Holidays 2011

School terms keep kids in school and parents sane. Holidays can be boring to kids if they are left alone. Discuss vacation ideas and how to make good use of the free time for both children and adults.

Feedback/ideas of Nov/Dec Holidays 2011

Postby smartmummy » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:57 pm

Pls share ur holiday experiences.What's new or special that u visited place.Thanks in advance.

1.We went to botanical garden -First time went-- feel great.
Enjoy in the kids garden - new experience
Good place to explore plants

2. Escape theme park - Enjoyed car riding,boat riding and roller coaster riding.Good family bonding time.45$ for family of four.

3. Explorer kids indoor playground - First time went - kids enjoyed

Plan to go to zoo, there is a spongebob square pant's show & Elephant parade Singapore at Zoo

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