Travel: Package tour to Tokyo 5D3N, 1-for-1

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Travel: Package tour to Tokyo 5D3N, 1-for-1

Postby robinhood » Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:47 pm

Hi, had signed up last week for this 1-for-1 promotion with Chan Brothers (through its affiliated agency, Asia Global Vacation), to view peach blossoms in Tokyo in early April.

According to the person, need 15 people in the group before the tour will take place. However, to date, after NATAS, still only about 10 people for the date 5th Apr to 10 Apr.

Just wanted to introduce to people here, it's a pretty cool deal, flying off on night of 5th Apr (945pm, so no need to take leave), and 6th Apr (Fri) is Good Friday. Will reach back on 10th April at 6am (touch-down), so theoretically speaking, you only need to take 9th April (Monday) leave. In short, the trip maximises the amount of time you get in Tokyo.

Fly by ANA, hotel is New Otani or equivalent. And it includes tour package, bringing you to Mt Fuji, etc. For me and wife, definitely an easy way to be orientated to Japan (since we don't speak the language), and are too busy to do homework, and with pending Primary school-going kids, just wanted a no-frills getaway.

So anyone interested, please do go and talk to Asia Global Vacation, 65344958, at People's Park Complex. Hopefully the tour goes ahead!


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