Crackdown over tourist rip-offs in New Zealand

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Crackdown over tourist rip-offs in New Zealand

Postby tankee » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:16 pm

Two New Zealand companies run by a father and son have been slapped with big fines after selling faked goods that cost little to produce to tourists for thousands of dollars.

Top Sky Holdings Limited was charged with 12 breaches of the Fair Trading Act, and was fined $NZ140,000 ($A112,000) in the Auckland District Court for selling high-priced souvenirs under false claims.

The Rotorua retail outlet sold Peruvian alpaca rugs as made in New Zealand from local alpaca.

The rugs were priced between $NZ4000 and $NZ8000 each, when Peruvian alpaca rugs typically retail elsewhere for between $NZ1000 and $NZ1600.....

......Kiwi Wool makes and sells wool duvets to retail outlets and tour groups. These were labelled as being 100 per cent alpaca when in fact the alpaca wool content was only 20 per cent. Kiwi Wool also manufactured and sold duvets labelled as 100 per cent New Zealand merino lamb wool, when the wool content was not merino.

The cost of manufacture of the duvets was about $NZ70, but they were sold to tourists for between $NZ400 and $NZ1000....... ... 2h40t.html

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Re: Crackdown over tourist rip-offs in New Zealand

Postby Dnls_mum » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:40 pm

Whew! :sweat: Lucky when I was there in 2011, I couldn't bear to fork out so much for the merino items. Otherwise now I'll be very moody.....

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Re: Crackdown over tourist rip-offs in New Zealand

Postby Harlequin » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:07 pm

Ya boi....

I bought a marino wool cape, now shrunk to a little girl's size that can only fit my dd. LOL.

But Rotorua is a nice place, love the beautiful Ginkgo trees there... but the air filled with sulphur rotten eggs smell is kind of a put off.

BTW, it's hard to find any 100% Alpaca wool product nowadays, same like Manuka honey.... Too many PRC immigrants there are making good living out of tourists.

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