Villagers take over Langkawi resort, evict guests and staff

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Villagers take over Langkawi resort, evict guests and staff

Postby tankee » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:08 am

LANGKAWI - Guests at the popular Beach Garden Resort at Pantai Chenang here were shocked when a group of villagers suddenly turned up at the place and started sealing the outlet.

The loutish group also threatened the resort staff to leave the place before placing barbed wire at the entry points and red plastic tape along the perimeter.

Jittery guests, mostly English, German and Australians, who had been enjoying their stay at the beachside resort were eventually forced to leave and make alternative arrangements to spend the rest of their holidays in Langkawi.

All this happened on April 4 and the resort has since remained closed with all its 30-odd staff left wondering about their future.

The latest drama to hit the resort is a repeat of what happened at the resort outlet two years ago when the same group - believed to be members of a family involved in a dispute over the beach side plot of land - staged a similar "takeover" strategy...... ... staff.html

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