Need advise on Taiwan & Hokkaido

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Need advise on Taiwan & Hokkaido

Postby chixchix » Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:57 pm

Hi all I am planning to take my boys age 11 n 9 to either Taiwan or Hokkaido ?
But I have no idea how to plan things.. I am a rice eater and not keen on Japanese food. Food wise I like chinese food, fast food or Malay/Indian food. I would love to visit this places but am afraid I will starve ahahhaa. :lol:

well can anyone suggest how do I get to HKD ? In december hows the weather in this 2 places. Anything different on New Year, i mean like fireworks etc...somewhere ,where the scenery will be nice to take pics. some shopping of home decor, where the boys can have fun too.


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