Any good Maths Tutor recommend

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by PriSecMathSciTutor » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:59 pm

Dear parents,

I am currently taking in new students from December this year. Kindly refer to my profile below and contact me at 84488342 for more information if necessary.

Female Full Time Tutor Profile:
• University Graduate (Patient and Cheery Tutor)
• Experienced, Responsible and Committed Tutor with more than 10 years of continuous tutoring experience in Primary Maths and Science
• Experienced in answering techniques
• Conducive and peaceful tuition setting to encourage maximum learning at student’s pace
• Clear communicator and open to deep discussion with regards to exam questions including exam strategies
• Exam orientated with lessons spent on answering techniques training including critical thinking, analytical skills and application
• In-tuned with the current syllabus in terms of exam preparation for PSLE

Subjects Offered
• Primary Mathematics
• Primary Science

Kindly watsapp or call me at 84488342. Free advice with no obligations.

Tuition will be conducted at my residence in the North Area (Ang Mo Kio Central)

My place is accessible by 2 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT. It is beside Ang Mo Kio interchange and Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Contact me at 84488342 to find out more information before the slots are all taken up.

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by ConnectPoint » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:16 am


- Effective tuition by Scholar Tutor.

- 20 years teaching experience.

- Good teaching methods. Notes given.

- Proven track record!


" I was a student who was scoring 'C's and lower before I joined his tuition. Now I have 'A's for Maths and Science due to his good teaching and constant motivation."
- Hui Teng (Student)

" Just within 6 to 7 months of his teaching, I have improved my Science from mid-year exam B4 to my end-year exam A1 ... Maths from D7 to A. "
- Daniel Chan (Student).

"Mr Tan’s explanation of Maths is very clear and detailed. He patiently ensures that I understood fully and would simplify it further if I didn’t get it. He taught me different ways of tackling a problem and covered each topic in depth. There were lots of practice worksheets to help me master the topics. He builds up my confidence to do well."
- Jacinda Asha (Student).

"Zane is a very nice and patient tutor. I enjoy attending his Maths tuition. He makes the lessons interesting and fun to learn. His teaching is very clear and simple to understand. Whenever I have problems with any topic, he will explain again using other methods so that I can easily understand. He also motivates me to work hard and excel."
- Shermain Lim (Student).

“I found Zane after some online searches. A number of good testimonials from his students caught my eye.
Since attending Zane's class, Kimberly (my daughter) is able to catch up with her class lesson in Sec 2. We realised that with the newly found confidence in the Math subject in 2019, Kimberly constantly challenges herself in doing more practices. There was a huge improvement for 2019 Math exams.
We would like to compliment Zane for patiently guiding Kimberly for the past 1 year, and for unleashing her once-lost interest in math in 2019.”
- Peck Lin (Parent)

“He (Zane) put in the work, dedication, patience and passion into transforming Cassandra … who had difficulty passing her exams to now securing "As" for her O levels. We wouldn't have dreamt of such success without Zane's spectacular teaching abilities.”
- Audrey Tan (Parent)

- More testimonials at

For more information, please call 97477383.
Website at

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by hometootor » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:11 pm

Personal Home Tutor For Math, Science, English, Chinese, Tamil & Malay - All Levels


Select The Home Tutor Of Your choice!

Find the best suitable HOME #Tutors for your child who is certified by MOE & Well Trained to understand a kid's learning mindset to tweak the learning methods.

Call / WhatsApp - 8259 1182

We guarantee to provide the suitable tutor after you interview him/her. If you don't like the selected tutor, we will replace with a new tutor WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FEES!

Visit -

Office Address:

North Bridge Centre
1 North Bride Road #07-05
Singapore 179094

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by mathtutor11 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:59 pm

Hello Mummies & Daddies,

I am providing One-on-One Math home tuition from Pri 4 to Sec 5 level. I started off in 2009 on a part time basis and am doing this on a full time basis now.

I was very thankful to be able to read a major (Mathematics) I was passionate back in university, and now combining the 2 things I love (Children and Math) for my everyday lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to engage me to tutor your child for Mathematics.

Video intro can be sent upon request.

1) ... 1230783914

2) ... 1230783914

Featured on The Straits Times for the topic on 'Tough' 2019 PSLE math paper: 5 challenging questions over the years (Question 5) ... -the-years


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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by msyw » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:18 pm

Secondary Maths and Science Tuition by Experienced Full Time Tutor

10 years experience

2018 O level Results
100% ≥ B3

“Thank you for teaching me Chemistry for the past half a year. You teach in a way that is simple and easy to understand. You made difficult concepts seem easy. Somehow you knew that I know how to answer the question but I do not know how to phrase my answers and as a result, you drilled me a lot on this which therefore led to me finally passing Chem this year. So I feel grateful and thankful towards you for being so accurate in finding out my weakness, correcting it and making me like studying Chem again. Without you, I don't think I would be able to find the O level paper easy. May you continue to impact students and make them love Chem!”
' Miss Tan has tutored me in Combined Science (Chemistry) and E Maths for my O Level Exams. She has an excellent teaching style that is easy to pick up on and for me to adapt to. I have had no problems understanding her teaching. She shows how to properly do a task or work through problems and from there, she helps me master the task or solution problem. I have since been able to independently solve fairly challenging questions for both Chemistry and E Maths. This is thanks to using her demonstrated methods. With her calm and friendly demeanour, I am unafraid to ask for help when I do not understand something.
One of her best teaching methods is that she can easily summarise a complicated chapter into a flowchart or table, making it easier for me to retain in my memory and to recall during the examinations. I also appreciated her patience with me when she was tutoring me in E Maths. It gave me more confidence in trying out the questions as she did not "crowd" me for a correct answer.
So thank you Miss Tan :)'
“Highly committed teacher
Effective teaching methods and principles
Friendly yet firm towards student.
Makes effort to complete make up lessons
Frequent mini-tests keep student on toes”

“… patient and reliable tutor. I’ve been struggling with these subjects and she helped my grades improve significantly in my End-Of-Years. She pushes me to excel and has expectations of her students, however her efforts always pay off. I highly recommend Ms Tan for anyone who needs assistance for mathematics and Science.”
Pedagogies and Strategies
Learning strategies to overcome fear in Maths and Science
Strengthen understanding and clarifying misconception of concepts being taught in school
Refine answering techniques and use of key words in open-ended questions
Useful and effective thinking process for the tackling of problem sums to tackle harder and ‘new trend’ questions
Timely remediation of existing weakness and consistent revision of frequently asked past year questions in school and national exams
Follow closely to MOE syllabus
Able to explain key concepts via systematic process
Spot trends in school’s papers
Have had experience teaching dyslexic students and they go on to achieve distinctions in school and national examinations.

Tuition held at 327 Serangoon Ave 3
Group sessions or 1-1
Materials: Assessment + Tutor's own

Crash course program available.

As slots are filling fast, do contact Ms Tan to secure your desired slot as soon as possible.

Thank you for viewing. :D

Ms Winnie Tan
WhatsApp: 82952915

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by hometootor » Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:20 pm

Advanced Math Personal Coaching For A Levels - Book with HouseTutor SG today


Does your child find it hard to study Advanced Mathematics & Looking for a personal guidance?

Get in touch with us here and find 100s of MOE certified home tutors with extensive experience for teaching and improve the grades. You can review multiple tutor profiles and schedule a personal interview with the teacher before hiring the services.

With HouseTutor you can select the tutor of your choice. We DO NOT auto-allocate the tutors based on your bookings. Not just that, we have selective study materials & a great replacement policy. We replace the tutor after the first month if you're not happy with the services - everything at no extra fees. We make sure to provide the teaching services within your budget.

For more details,

Call / WhatsApp - 8259 1182


Create Your Free Parent Profile on -

Office Address:

North Bridge Centre
1 North Bride Road #07-05
Singapore 179094

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by janet88 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:03 pm

Math tutor available to coach primary and secondary level students.

EXPERIENCED with upper primary level.


PATIENT with weak students.


Please call / whatsapp Kenneth at 9154 8091.

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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by PriSecMathSciTutor » Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:02 pm

Dear parents,

I am currently looking for more tutees whom I can assist to build up their confidence and strive towards academic excellence in the coming year.

About myself
- Biomedical Science Graduate
- More than 10 years of continuous tutoring experience
- Taught at reputable tuition centers
- Committed, Responsible, Patient and with a positive and passionate attitude in life
- Positive encouragement to motivate and interest my students in continual learning
- Instilling confidence in students through lessons
- Crystal clear delivery of lessons and constructive feedback on how to improve
- Increase student's competency level and grasp of fundamental knowledge through identification of areas of weakness and regular practice
- Time management techniques and maximize performance potential
- Consolidated personalized attention, engaging and effective lesson delivery
- Well versed with current syllabus and answering techniques as well as expectations of current schools (PSLE)

- Primary Mathematics
- Primary Science

- Coaching through usage of relevant notes, step by step examples and TOP school papers
- Abstract concepts simplified and discussion of content knowledge
- Share exam tips, strategies and keywords
- Critical thinking and application of concepts
- Heuristic techniques (for primary school maths)
- Critical analysis (for primary school science)

Having the right skill set and mentality are the keys to success and any student can be successful if they master them through coaching and regular practice. Students will be able to show improvement as they work consistently towards their goals and with regular lessons.

I hope to be able to help your child and motivate them towards their desired goals.
Kindly contact Ms Tan at 84488342 for any enquires. You can also contact me for free advice with no obligations.

Location: Ang Mo Kio Central (opposite Ang Mo Kio MRT)

Contact me at 84488342 before the slots are all taken up.


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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by John Lim » Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:59 am




A few good books

Small Group (Yishun Blk 844, Khtib MRT) Max class size : 3
1-1, 1-2 (Student’s house) PSLE (P3,4,5,6) Maths Tuition
Yishun, AMK, Toa Payoh, Newton, Marine Parade, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Timah .....

PSLE Maths Specialist John Lim Liang Soon Hp 93802003 Small Group max 3 (2h from $40) & 1-1 & 1-2 (1h from $40)
- Bachelor of Information Technology, 1992 Australia
- 12 years of tutoring experience (10 years full-time)

My son was selected for A*STAR(Agency for Science, Technology and Research) MOE Local Student (Junior College) Attachment Programme 2015, P6 SA1 98, prelim 98 PSLE A Star
My daughter was selected for Gifted Education Programme in 2010, P6 SA1 95, perlim 98 PSLE A Star

Breaking News 2019,

P6 Boy, Rosyth Sch (Gifted Education Programme), (before P5 SA1 70+)
P5 SA2 94 GEP paper
P6 SA1 93.5 (CA1 46/50) GEP paper
Prelim 86.
Confirmed Offer (CO, DSA) from NUS High School without interview,
Wait List (maths domain) from Raffles Institution.
PSLE Confirmed A star (due to "exceptionally difficult" questions :rotflmao:)
PSLE A star T-score 257

P6 Girl, Holy Innocents' Pri, (before P3 SA2 53/80)
P6 SA1 71, Prelim 85
P5 SA1 74, SA2 87
P4 SA1 92, SA2 84.5

P5 ANGLO-CHINESE SCHOOL ACS (Primary), SA1 93, SA2 99/100 :dancing:
P4 SA1 98 SA2 98
P3 SA2 100

P4 Girl, Wellington Pri (before P4 SA1 84)
P4 SA2 94

My Son, Y1 - NTU Aerospace Engineering 2017 IGP AAA/A
My daughter, JC2 - selected for University (NUS, NTU, SMU) Early Admissions (Academic)

Breaking News 2018,

Peiying Pri, P5 Boy SA1 94.5 - 2nd in level

P5 SA2, 7 pupils
CHIJ-OLN SA2 85 (SA1 55.5)
Rivervale Pri, SA2 86.5 (SA1 58)
Hougang Pri, SA2 92 (SA1 72)
Hougang Pri, SA2 96 (SA1 80) - Twin sisters
Holy Innocents' Pri, SA2 87 (P3 SA2 53/80)
--- Pri, SA2 55 (SA1 43)
Rosyth Sch, SA2 94 (SA1 70+) GEP paper

P4 ACS Pri, SA1 98 SA2 98
P4 Zhonghua Pri, SA1 90 SA2 93

P3 Woodlands Pri, SA1 52 SA2 79
P6 prelim a few 80+
PSLE pupils, a few A

My Son, NTU Aerospace Engineering 2017 IGP AAA/A
My daughter, O-level 7A1B , NETT 5

My students,
Hard work paid off, no miracles. 成功决非偶然

p6 2017
PSLE pupils, 1 A star(CHIJ (OLN) Pri), 8 A ..........
P6 pupils prelim above 80
Queenstown pri, P6 Boy. (Grades before attending lessons P5 2016 SA2 62) Grades after attending lessons 2017 P6 CA1 74, SA1 86.5 Prelim 86.5
Compassvale pri, P6 Girl. (2016 P5 CA1 54) SA1 56 SA2 89.5. 2017 P6 CA1 87, SA1 88 Prelim 88
St Andrew's Junior, P6 Boy. (2015 P4 CA2 69) SA2 91 2016 P5 SA1 91 SA2 85. 2017 P6 SA1 85
Poi Ching Sch, P6 Boy. (2016 P5 SA1 84) SA2 90. 2017 P6 CA1 91.5, SA1 90 Prelim 90
Hong Wen Sch, P6 Boy. 2015 P4 SA2 100 2016 P5 SA1 72 SA2 80. 2017 P6 CA1 68, SA1 85 Prelim 84
Holy Innocents’ Pri, P6 Girl. (2016 P5 CA1 66) SA1 69.5 SA2 64. 2017 P6 CA1 86, SA1 84 Prelim 88
Holy Innocents’ Pri, P6 Boy. (2016 P5 SA1 54) SA2 75. 2017 P6 CA1 66.5, SA1 64 Prelim 85
CHIJ (OLN) Pri, P6 Girl. 2015 P4 SA2 96.5 2016 P5 SA1 81 SA2 97. 2017 P6 CA1 78, SA1 78 Prelim 82
Northlands Pri, P6 Girl 2016 P5 SA1 51 SA2 75. 2017 P6 CA1 73, SA1 73.5 Prelim 83.5

p6 2016
PSLE pupils, 1 A star(Edgefield pri), 9 A ..........
P6 pupils prelim above 80
Compassvale pri, P6 Girl (Grades before attending lessons CA1 54) Grades after attending lessons SA1 67, Prelim 86 hohoho
Chongfu Sch, P6 Boy 2015 (SA1 40+) P5 CA2 60, SA2 60. 2016 P6 CA1 43 SA1 66, Prelim 82. hohoho
Kong Hwa, P6 Girl. 2015 P5 (SA1 64, SA2 64). 2016 P6 CA1 84, SA1 87.5, Prelim 81.
St Andrew's Junior, P6 Boy 2015 P5 (Topical Test Fail) SA1 78, SA2 70.5. 2016 P6 SA1 75.5, Prelim 95. hahaha
kuo Chuan Presbyterian Pri, P6 Boy. 2015 P5 (SA1 59) CA2 84. SA2 85.5. 2016 P6 CA1 85, SA1 86, Prelim 88
Northlands pri, 2015 P6 Girl CA1 82, SA1 76.5 Prelim 82.5.
Edgefield pri, P6 Boy. 2015 P5 (SA1 80+) SA2 98. 2016 P6 CA1 98, SA1 94 Prelim 87.
Maris Stella, P6 Boy. 2015 P5 (SA1 60+) SA2 78. 2016 P6 CA1 67, SA1 75 Prelim 89. ... start=3070
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Re: Any good Maths Tutor recommend

Post by simxn06 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:20 am


Not to worry as we have various tutors for every level from primary school to junior colleges. We also provide enrichment classes such as swimming and music lessons.

-Discounts off the first lesson of the month!
-Get up to 20 % DISCOUNT off assessment books
-FREE e learning portal with free test papers from various schools ( public rate: $49.90 )
-Accumulate points when you spend on the tuition fees. (Points can be exchanged for shopping vouchers! )

are you a parent who do not need tutor for now? no Worries! Just recommend other parents to me to earn referral commission:) Just let me know :)

Interested? Whatsapp me at 9780 4671 to engage a tutor 😊

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