Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

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Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby zuipashu » Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Parents,

My DS is in HCI secondary 2 and he is weak in Science, do you have any recommendation for any good tuition centre for secondary 2 Science (prefer group tuition)?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby kattyzhao » Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:44 am

small group science tuition 97295618 katty

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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby applywhatyoulearn » Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:00 pm

Dear Parents,

I am a full time graduate (Biomedical Science Grad) female chinese tutor with more than 10 years of tutoring experience in the following subjects: Primary English, Maths and Science & Secondary E Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I have taught at reputable tuition centers and lectured at a private school. I am a tutor who is passionate about teaching and I believe that each child is unique and can be stretched to the best of their abilities.

If your child is looking to improve his/her results, I will be able to help. This November is crucial for the students to catch up with the syllabus/to have a headstart. I can equip him/her with the correct answering techniques and analytical skills to improve their scores in their exams and to achieve their desired distinction.

Over the years, I have helped countless students achieve their desired grades in their final exams as well as national exams (PSLE, N Levels, O Levels).

My teaching methods:

I will go through concepts in each topic using the relevant notes and step by step examples, stressing the important parts, informing the students what type of questions they should expect.My teaching experience allows me to identify the questions closely aligned with the latest syllabus.
Abstract concepts will be simplified for students to understand. Lessons will be conducted to suit the students' learning pace.

After we go through the topics, I will let the students practice some questions (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced). When I go through their answers, I will teach them how to improve the answers, share exam tips, strategies and keywords to include etc.

I have a large collection of exam papers from different schools accumulated over the years.

To find out more, please email your queries to or call/watsapp/sms 8448 8342 (Ms Tan).

I hope to be able to help you.

2014 November to 2015 November Schedule

Group Tuition is available at Bukit Panjang (Walking distance from LRT). Lessons will commence once 2 students sign up for each class. Maximum of 3 students per class. All materials provided.

For Primary Level

Thursday:7pm to 8.30pm (Primary 5 Maths)
Friday:3.15pm to 4.45pm (Primary 3 Maths)
Friday:5pm to 6.30pm (Primary 4 Maths)

For Secondary Level

Tuesday:6pm to 7.30pm (Sec 4 Combined Physics)
Tuesday:7.30pm to 9.30pm (Sec 3 Combined Physics and Chemistry)

Thursday: 5.15pm to 6.45pm (Sec 1 Science)

Friday: 6.45pm to 8.15pm (Sec 2 Science)

Saturday:9am to 10.30am (Sec 4 Pure Chemistry)
Saturday: 10.30am to 12pm (Sec 4 Combined Chemistry)
Saturday: 12pm to 1.30pm (Sec 3 Pure Chemistry)

Private tuition is available. Slots are limited. Students are also encouraged to form their own groups for group tuition (can be at their house or my place). Please contact Ms Tan at 84488342 to find out more information and my methodology. Registration starts now!


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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby Rishisusee » Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:35 pm

Hi there

Anyone knows about the good group tuition centre for English , maths and science near Toa Payoh for my dd who is going to sec 2 next year .

TIA :smile:

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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby SmartLab » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:09 pm

SmartLab Education
Established Since 1999
Subjects Offered : A/E Math, Science (Chem, Phy, Bio), English, GP, Econs
Various Location : Bishan / Hougang / Jurong East / Marine Parade / Woodlands / Punggol

Please visit our Facebook for What Our Students Say About Us:


Many more testimonials on our Facebook:


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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby mathtuition88 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:25 pm

Recommended Tuition Agency:
Startutor is Singapore’s most popular online agency, providing tutors to your home. There are no extra costs for making a request. The tutors' certificates are carefully checked by Startutor.

There are many excellent tutors from RI, Hwa Chong, etc. at Startutor, teaching various subjects at all levels.

(Please use the full link above directly, thanks!)

Math Blog: ... ion88.html

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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 3

Postby Rishisusee » Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:00 pm

HI perents

Pls advsie me which tuition centre shall I choose for my Sec 3 DD next year Combined science (Physics and Chem) , KRTC TPY , mr. Rama , Smart LAB BIshan or JUst Education Serangoon for her best result ?
She got 68 in science in SA2 .

and also need advise from you parents as She is taking combined science does she has to go for two different classes for physics & Chemistry or they will cover as 1 sub and teach them .

Need your valuable advise ASAP ,

Thank you

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Re: Good Science Tuition Centre for Secondary 2

Postby Schootopia » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:01 pm

Tutorial classes, or 1-1 Home Tuition.

Subjects: English, Chinese, Math, the Sciences
Levels: Primary to Junior College

* 10 - 25 years of experiences
* taught in school
* top University graduates
* subject-matter experts

Location: East

In our classes, we desconstruct the topics into simple, basic building blocks.

What we cover -

English Language:
We do a deep dive into the elements of the language. This is helpful for Paper 2 in primary schools, and for editing in secondary schools.
Writing -
We teach you, in details, a methodology to structure your writing for English situational and creative writing in primary schools, and for expository. argumentative and descriptive writing in secondary schools.
Comprehension -
Be introduced you to different types of comprehension passages, and a method to actively read passages. Learn to identify types of questions. We teach you a framework for answering the different types of questions.
For secondary school students, we guide you to write a summary by a simple step-by-step process.

Chinese Language:
Similarly, we cover in details, the different elements of the language and how to apply them. We teach the techniques to effortlessly write Chinese compositions.

The sciences and mathematics:
We break down the topics into really simple building blocks. We show you the relation to what you have learnt, and are going to learn.
We teach you the process skills, thinking skills and heuristics for maths problem-solving and scientific answering.
You will learn scientific vocabulary and concise writing.
From our experiences, you will be cued in on the topics to focus on.
Our lessons are interactive, relating classroom-learning to real-life applications.

You get bespoke materials.

We make learning simple and effortless for you.

Please click for more useful information:-


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