We need Academic / Language Instructors (not tuition agency)

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We need Academic / Language Instructors (not tuition agency)

Postby krilasen » Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:59 pm

Learnly is an Carousell/Uber-like app that helps people find personalised coaching. Launching in Feb 2016.

We are looking for (PSLE/O/A Level) tutors who can coach in:
- Maths
- English
- Chemistry
- Physics
- GP

and Language instructors (beginner/intermediate/specific assessment)for:
- Mandarin
- Japanese
- Korean
- French

* Feel free to indicate other specialties if any

You should be patient and effective in instruction. Also in possession of your own teaching location.

Rates are between $20/hr to $120/hr for individual coaching.
You can decide your own schedule and teaching location.

Please fill up the Google Form here (http://bit.ly/1knb9st) for us to get in touch. We will contact you to follow up about how to list your service.


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