Promotional event! Free servicing of 1 air con unit!

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Promotional event! Free servicing of 1 air con unit!

Postby LetsCool AirCon » Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:42 pm

FREE NORMAL SERVICING for your first air con and FREE CHECKING!

Maintaining and Servicing your air con regularly can drastically reduce the cost of your electricity bill!

Professional Air-Con Specialist qualified with local engineering degree ensuring the health and cleanliness of the house we live in. GUARANTEE and Reasonable Price that We can Rely On!

In looking for air-con service, you can expect the following quality level of service:
*Fast, on-time, Professional Expert Service with thorough cleaning and complete inspection!
*Specialist with many years of experience and commitment to provide best quality service for residential clients
*Comes with After-Service GUARANTEE!!

Make an appointment now! @ 82507942,98623678-Marvin or 84023999-Jackie!!

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